Madrid Fashion Week Party Madrid Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011 was the showcase of many exciting and innovative designs by number of great designers. Along with fashion shows and exhibitions, parties is one of the most important event of any fashion week which provides an opportunity for many fashion related people to come together and know about the latest trends.

This year, in Madrid Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011, there was a party organized to mark the beginning of the sable edition. It was Bloggers Party!! It was held on the terrace of the Museum of Costume in Madrid. In this great leading event, many bloggers from across the country came together to exchange their views and begin the new edition.

This grand event was beautifully organized by Demod Fashionisima and Outmoded. The sponsor of the party were the Hola, as well as the Women fashion stores like Trucco, Talentium, Vente Privee, Bodegas Miguel and Ruano; Asus and Vitesse (Puig).

The Bloggers Party was a full-blown bash with good company and good music. The party gave an opportunity to many people to put a face to all those bloggers whom they read everyday. It was an incredible event that was organized to cherish the success of bloggers.