Milan Fashion Week Designers - Roberto CavalliBeing a fan of fine Italian artistry in both, design and textiles, I always look forward to Milan Fashion Week. Those are the fashion designers that make any fashion show special with their stunning collections. However, making clothes that are wearable and suitable to the season being presented, is where sometimes the things fall apart. But those are the designers that makes the work easy and possible. We praise their talent and buy their creations.

This season, Milan Fashion Week showcased an abundance of fashion designers including, Roberto Cavalli, Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Alberta Ferretti and Emporio Armani, etc. The collection of these designers included extremely bright colors with feminine touch.

Alberta Ferretti

Known for her feminine and romantic designs, Alberta Ferretti is an Italian dressmaker and fashion designer. She presented yet another stunning collection of gowns and dresses in Milan Fashion Week Spring 2011. Dreamy, wistful and romantic are just a couple of words to best describe Alberta Ferretti's S/S'11 collection.

She always thinks about what women want to wear now, rather than what they'll want to wear next year, which she sees as an ever-evolving continuation of her personal style. Her S/S'11 collection looked very unusual and feminine.

Her collection comprises short casual frocks, floor-sweeping dresses, sheer and a few urban pieces like natural python vest, a white trench and a Bermuda shorts. She showed a very comfortable and relaxed designs in her show. For Spring season, there is definite seventies inspiration with bohemian prints and floppy hats. Despite being a reoccurring theme of the season, Alberta Ferretti tries to bring a refreshing levity to the runway with delicate ruffles and sheer fabrics.

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani is an Italian fashion designer, known for his clean and tailored lines. In 2001, he was acclaimed as the most successful fashion designer to come out of Italy. Now, it is his fifth decade of working in fashion industry, he is not just a designer – but an icon, an inspiration, an institution and multinational, billion-dollar brand.

In Milan Fashion Week 2011, Giorgio Armani's entire collection was done in rich, velvety midnight blue, as warm as the night sky over the Sahara. In a completely monotone shade of deep blue and dark indigo, Giorgio Armani presented very feminine tailoring and fitted shapes. From  the scarves found on the models' heads to the sheer fabrics on loose-fitting silhouette, the Armani models trekked through the desert in relaxed bottom and tailored tops. The silhouette was long, languid, and lean with slim tunics layered under short jackets and skirt hems that flaring out below the knee. Giorgio Armani's moody and mesmerizing  desert romanticism made for his collection was far more diverse and intricate than its navy monotone would suggest.

Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli is yet another well-known Italian fashion designer. Since his first show in 1970 in Paris, Roberto Cavalli has been synonymous with rock, glam and animal prints. Known for his work in leather, he is a master craftsman who also has mastered the technique of using leather both, as a fabric and for use in accessories. He is an inventive designer who believes in revamping the classics rather than creating new silhouettes.

The Milan Fashion  Week S/S 2011 was a milestone for Roberto Cavalli because this fashion show marked his 40th year in fashion industry. This season, Cavalli model was a blend of tribal, hippie and rock 'n' roll. Spring 2011 was a true event for Cavalli showing with top models such as Laetitia Casta and Natalia Vodianova taking to the runway. His models donned skin-baring garments in muted hues of gray, lilac color that were embellished with animal print, crystal and sequin. His collection was inspired by the 1970's hippie Los Angeles girl who hung out with rockstars.

Despite of the up and downs in his life, Roberto Cavalli stayed true to himself and ignored the whims of trends. Sticking to his convictions has brought him success in life.