Tokyo Fashion Week DesignersLike other fashion weeks, Tokyo Fashion Week also has created an unique place in the heart of millions of people as well as in fashion industry. Twice a year, the fashionistas in Japan celebrates the fashion week in Tokyo. Tokyo Fashion Week is considered as one of the most important events in fashion industry. During the fashion week, many fashion lovers across the globe visits Japan to see the latest creations of Japanese as well as other international fashion designers and artists.

This year, many great designers from Japan and all across the world showcased their latest collections in Tokyo Fashion Week S/S 2011 and set the trends for upcoming spring. Some of them are as below -


Tokyo Fashion Week Beauty TrendsThe fashion is all about dreaming and having fun!! Fashion includes everything .... apparels, jewelry, footwear, hairstyle and most important, make-up! In order to properly identify and spot the latest trends in make-up, it is always important to talk to the right people or look at the right source.

Fashion Week is the best medium to know about the latest fashion trends as well as beauty trends. Recently held, Tokyo Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011 set new beauty trends for the upcoming Spring season to the Japanese people as well as rest of the world.

Along with fashion designers, fashion models, many hairstylists and make-up artists revealed the new trend in the fashion world. They set many beauty trends for fashion lover for the rest of the year. Here are some top beauty trends from Tokyo Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011.


Tokyo Fashion Week PartyTokyo Fashion Week is officially known as “Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo”. Tokyo Fashion Week brings most of the Japanese fashion brands together to share their latest creations. The Tokyo Fashion Week is all about great fashion designers, accessory designers, stunning supermodels, latest beauty trends, fashion trends, exhibitions and parties.

Fashion Week Party is an important concept among fashionistas. It gives a chance to the participants of fashion week as well as other people to come together and celebrate the most joyous moments. Like other fashion weeks, this year, there was a grand party in Tokyo Fashion Week giving a chance to many celebrities, fashion models, designers and all the fashion loves to come together and celebrate their success. The fashion week party is also a great way for designers to showcase their latest collection.

On 29th October, 2010, a stylish crowd came down on Shibuya for celebrating Halloween. It was a grand Halloween Party!! It was the night of hot music, hard partying and wild costumes. In this party, the music was supplied by well-known Japanese and other foreign DJs. Here everyone was in their crazy Halloween costumes. There were wandering wild animals, scary clowns, vampires, deranged manga characters, serial killers, cops, naughty nurses, giant walking skulls and who-can-remember what else.


Japan is the country of Fashion. Fashion Week is popular in western countries. Japan is the only Asian country who hold a fashion week routine. Tokyo Fashion Week, officially known as Japan  Fashion Week in Tokyo, is now one of the most well-known and influential fashion showcases. Since, the event is largely held in Tokyo, residents often refer to it as the “Tokyo Collection Week” or “Tokyo Fashion Week”.

Recently held Tokyo Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011 was the 11th edition where designers from across the country came and showcased their latest collections. Here they showcased their latest outfits and styles and set the trends for the rest of the year.

Designers Takuya Nakanishi and Akira Takeuchi named their spring-summer collection as “Camouflage”. The collection included the frocks that featured dainty prints reminiscent of Georges Seurat paintings. It also included long tiered skirts as well as dress in tulle.


Tokyo Fashion Week Exhibition Tokyo Fashion Week is home to an array of designers, from minimalists to the Avante-Garde. The Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo aims at creating a gateway for upcoming fashion designers into the world's fashion industry. The Tokyo Fashion Week consists of gorgeous models, designers, fashion shows, runways, parties and many events.

This year, in addition to the parties and runway shows, Tokyo Fashion Week visitants could also enjoy numerous fashion related exhibitions which were held in different venues around Tokyo. The exhibition gives an opportunity to the designers to showcase their latest collections to the people. In the exhibitions, people come to know about the modern trends for the upcoming season.