Tokyo Fashion Week Beauty TrendsThe fashion is all about dreaming and having fun!! Fashion includes everything .... apparels, jewelry, footwear, hairstyle and most important, make-up! In order to properly identify and spot the latest trends in make-up, it is always important to talk to the right people or look at the right source.

Fashion Week is the best medium to know about the latest fashion trends as well as beauty trends. Recently held, Tokyo Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011 set new beauty trends for the upcoming Spring season to the Japanese people as well as rest of the world.

Along with fashion designers, fashion models, many hairstylists and make-up artists revealed the new trend in the fashion world. They set many beauty trends for fashion lover for the rest of the year. Here are some top beauty trends from Tokyo Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011.

The romance, frills, lace and girliness seemed a common trend in Tokyo Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011. Having some pearls and a flower in hair gives a girly look. If you are a fan of super girly looks, this summer, fashion world offered you the trend of girly look. To get a gorgeous look, you can also use big hair accessories of flowers and bows.

The pin-up hair styles seemed to be the biggest trend in Tokyo Fashion Week 2011. This year, the models of Aya Furuhashi looked in pin-up hair styles. The huge ribbon accessories, big ringlets and the doll-like make-up helped to make the look of models more gorgeous.

The “Retro make-up” and “Nude make-up” are the main trends for Spring 2011. The “Retro make-up” includes the 'cat-eye look' with powerful and sexy eyes in dark colors. In the “Nude make-up” the  naked transparent color is used on the skin such as nude lips and even nude eyebrows which makes the look natural.

As the Spring Summer is a very dynamic season, the nude make-up helps to make your healthy skin stand out. The nude lips gives a natural look. It gives a different impression that they are healthy, natural, moderate and there are no contours.

If you are a fashion lover, go for these latest beauty trends for the upcoming spring.....!!!