Tokyo Fashion Week DesignersLike other fashion weeks, Tokyo Fashion Week also has created an unique place in the heart of millions of people as well as in fashion industry. Twice a year, the fashionistas in Japan celebrates the fashion week in Tokyo. Tokyo Fashion Week is considered as one of the most important events in fashion industry. During the fashion week, many fashion lovers across the globe visits Japan to see the latest creations of Japanese as well as other international fashion designers and artists.

This year, many great designers from Japan and all across the world showcased their latest collections in Tokyo Fashion Week S/S 2011 and set the trends for upcoming spring. Some of them are as below -

Kamishima Chinami

Kamishima Chinami is a well-known and brilliant Japanese fashion designer. Her work has literally been 'Lost in Translation' as the West remains to be an unreceptive territory for Asian designers. Her work is best known for large designs and the use of creative headwear and accessories as well as excessive fabrics. Her first collection was introduced at Tokyo Fashion Week S/S 2002. Chinami's spring collection displayed at Tokyo Fashion Week S/S 2011 seamlessly blends eastern influences into the form that are clearly suggestive of western style. Her Spring 2011 collection had the light color palatte, combined with unique cuts and floral prints. It seemed that the comfort was an apparent priority in her collection. With the experience of decades with her own label, Kamishima Chinami is definitely a great fashion designer.

Hiroko Koshino

Hiroko Koshino is a renowned Japanese fashion designer who had step up her career showing her collections worldwide in Paris, Tokyo, Rome, Seoul and Shanghai since 1977. In the early 1980s, she formed her own company and her confidently scaled garments earned a wide reputation. Her designs are based on the traditional clothing idiom of the Japanese kimono. Her patterns are traditionally very strict, yet she tries to utilize these patterns while modernizing them. The wear-ability of her designs has made them popular throughout America, Europe as well as in Japan. She presented her Spring collection in Tokyo Fashion Week S/S 2011. Her Spring 2011 collection was called “Colors of Light and Wing”. The theme of this collection was about the appreciation for multiple colors.

Shida Tatsuya

Shida Tatsuya is a great Japanese designer, born in 1978. He marked his presence at international catwalk since 2006. His approach to his creation is like an artist. In his creations, he uses ideas that life throws at him, thinks about them thoroughly and create the things never seen before. His newest collection includes delicate cotton dresses as well as use of fur. In Tokyo Fashion Week S/S 2011, Shida Tatsuya showcased his brand's latest collection on the runway of Tokyo Fashion Week. His show featured dresses in some brightest colors. Shida Tatsuya's show was the most interesting show during Tokyo Fashion Week 2011. His collection was very much Paris-inspired. It was for the women who likes mix-matching garments; it also included mini and maxi polka dots.

These are the fashion designers who showcased their creations in Tokyo Fashion Week S/S 2011 and are becoming a big hit in Japan and winning accolades from all over the world.