Tokyo Fashion Week Exhibition Tokyo Fashion Week is home to an array of designers, from minimalists to the Avante-Garde. The Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo aims at creating a gateway for upcoming fashion designers into the world's fashion industry. The Tokyo Fashion Week consists of gorgeous models, designers, fashion shows, runways, parties and many events.

This year, in addition to the parties and runway shows, Tokyo Fashion Week visitants could also enjoy numerous fashion related exhibitions which were held in different venues around Tokyo. The exhibition gives an opportunity to the designers to showcase their latest collections to the people. In the exhibitions, people come to know about the modern trends for the upcoming season.

During Tokyo Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011, there was a JFW Lifestyle exhibition called as “NEXT STANDARD”. The “Next Standard” was held between 20th October to 22nd October in Tokyo Midtown Hall B. This exhibition was organized by Japan Fashion Week organization.

The exhibition mainly focused on fashion and lifestyle goods and most of them were related to brands who participated in the Tokyo Fashion Week. The items displayed in the exhibition included household goods, jewelry, exercise products as well as cosmetics.

Body Wild, a Japanese underwear brand, displayed collaboration pieces with both Banal Chic Bizarre and G.V.G.V. - some of them featuring snoopy. The other participants of the exhibition included Theatre Products, Canton Overalls, Talky, Neo Green, Denim nokatachi and On Za Line.

There is also a project which provides an entry into the Japanese fashion market, for both Japanese as well as other foreign young and talented designers who want to introduce their fashion line in Japan. In this project, three young designers are selected and their fashion line is introduced in the form of shows and exhibitions during Tokyo Fashion Week.