Japan is the country of Fashion. Fashion Week is popular in western countries. Japan is the only Asian country who hold a fashion week routine. Tokyo Fashion Week, officially known as Japan  Fashion Week in Tokyo, is now one of the most well-known and influential fashion showcases. Since, the event is largely held in Tokyo, residents often refer to it as the “Tokyo Collection Week” or “Tokyo Fashion Week”.

Recently held Tokyo Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011 was the 11th edition where designers from across the country came and showcased their latest collections. Here they showcased their latest outfits and styles and set the trends for the rest of the year.

Designers Takuya Nakanishi and Akira Takeuchi named their spring-summer collection as “Camouflage”. The collection included the frocks that featured dainty prints reminiscent of Georges Seurat paintings. It also included long tiered skirts as well as dress in tulle.

The another duo of designers, Hiromi Sato and Ayako Kon, presented their frilly and girly collection which was full of ribbons, florals and bows for spring 2011. Girlyness is another trend for upcoming spring. In this fashion week, some models were wearing black pleated skirts and studded, leather biker jackets. It is the latest trends for next. Everyone can go for this trend and can look stylish.

Apart from this, many collections from Tokyo Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011 brought back the body-hugging jumpsuit. There were also tight leggings, short, baggy trousers, flowing mini dresses and second-skin tops. The shades of color for the dresses ranged from pearl to electric blue. The shoes featured maxi-plateaus with no heels in metallic shades that emphasize the futuristic mood.

It is always said that the Japanese are the most creative and free thinking people in the globe and their craftsmanship is beyond compare. The latest trends came out from Tokyo Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011 revealed the truth. So, just go for these latest trends and look chic and beautiful.